If you grew up listening to the calypso records of Harry Belafonte (The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Day-O – The Banana Boat Song not to mention his UK No. 1, Mary’s Boy Child) and you’ve the vaguest interest in human rights, Sing Your Song is likely to appeal. This debut documentary by award-winning editor Susanne Rostock is a biography of Belafonte’s life that details his parallel career in human rights. Showcasing social changes that have splintered across the US since the 1950, the film  employs slick archive footage and a winning soundtrack, spliced by one of the masters of the game. It’s also narrated by honey-voiced Belafonte, now in his 80s. If you liked Kevin MacDonald’s Marley, this is a must.

Belafonte singing Island in the Sun: www.youtube.com

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Ruth Allan
Published on:
Sun 29 Jul 2012