When R Kelly got ‘Trapped in the Closet’ back in 2005, the rap world changed. Well, not really. The rap world kind of rolled its eyes in the direction of Chicago’s Robert Sylvester Kelly while the rest of the world fell for his ‘hip hopera’. There have since been over 30 chapters of R Kelly’s masterpiece and the first 22 will be shown upstairs at Odd Bar tonight including everything from stripping midgets to gay pastors and berettas. If you’ve seen it before then you’ll already be aware of the insanities of the rhyming serial. If you haven’t then you’re in for a treat. The night will feature an intermission full of R Kelly’s biggest hits. Just leave your beretta at home.

Tue 26 Mar, Odd Bar, 30-32 Thomas Street, M4 1ER. Tel: 0161 833 0070, 8pm, FREE, www.facebook.com

Tue 26 Mar
Joshua Gordon
Published on:
Tue 26 Mar 2013