There are many stereotypes surrounding French culture, and music is one of them! In this chamber music concert, the SONO ensemble will try to break the common belief that French music is best performed by French musicians. This evening’s name ‘Excuse My French’ is a satirical approach to a mainly serious programme. Performers the SONO ensemble assert that although music is considered a universal language,  every culture has its own unique musical language, and while it is admirable when someone masters foreign languages, the truth is that there is always space for error in the process. None of the players in the ensemble are French but they enjoy performing French music. And if anyone considers their approach to be flawed, they can always say ‘excuse my French!’

What’s in the programme? Cecile Chaminade – Piano Trio in G minor, no.1 op.11, Jean Francaix – String Trio no. 1, Gabriel Faure – Piano Quartet in C minor, No.1 op.15

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Sat 2 Oct, 7pm, The International Anthony Burgess Foundation,
3 Cambridge St, Manchester M1 5BY
Brad Lengden
Published on:
Fri 1 Oct 2021