Overlapping with the Manchester Literature Festival in October, Chester gets in on the act to present a fortnight of literary delights with talks, workshops, readings and signings from some of literature’s biggest names including Derek Jacobi, Kate Humble and Mark Lawson. We list our three highlights of the festival below.

Kate Adie
Veteran journalist and author Kate Adie turns her attentions to the First World War and how it was a catalyst on the home front for social change among the women left behind. Telling the story through the eyes of those women, she details just how hard of an uphill struggle it was to gain admission into the world of men.
Tue 15 Oct, Chester Town Hall, 7.30pm, £11, purchase.tickets.com

Paul Morley (pictured)
Speaking about his book The North, an exploration of what it is to be northern and why those who consider themselves to be believe it so strongly. Having traversed the world as music journalist, pop Svengali and broadcaster Morley has always kept the identity of a northerner, having grown up in Reddish, just outside Stockport. He maps the entire history of northern England to show that the differences between north and south go deeper than just an accent.
Wed 16 Oct, Chester Town Hall, 6pm, £13/£11, purchase.tickets.com

Tim Vine
The master of the one-liner brings his epic tome The Bumper Book of Silliness to the festival. The book is filled to the brim with handsomely crafted puns, pictures, quizzes and other stuff, with which Vine could mean anything. Vine will be talking about his book, his career and probably whatever flutters in to his hyperactive brain. Not to be missed.
Sat 26 Oct, Chester Town Hall, 7.30pm, £13/£11, purchase.tickets.com

Sun 13 – Sun 27 Oct, Festival Hub at Chester Town Hall, Northgate Street, Chester, CH1 2HJ, www.chesterliteraturefestival.co.uk

Sun 13 Oct - Sun 27 Oct
Jess Hardiman
Published on:
Wed 21 Aug 2013