This Friday, the White Hotel (Manchester’s finest underground venue) hosts a unique melange of underground experimental electronic music in the form of Fiktion. Headlining is Lorenzo Senni (pictured) a pointillistic trance veteran who has released records both on Boomkat Editions and the legendary Warp Records. He’s performing his acclaimed live set of material from his new Warp EP Persona, inspired by original late 1990s Italian hard trance and straight edge hardcore punk. The Death of Rave is a record label based in Manchester, named after sound collagist Leyland Kirby’s V/Vm series. The label has seen releases by Mark Leckey, Powell, Rian Treanor, and has records upcoming from Maxwell Sterling, plus Teresa Winter and Croww, who are both performing on Friday. Teresa Winter is an electronic artist (listen here)  who makes dead uncanny hypnagogic pop. She’s due to release her second album (and her first on vinyl) with The Death of Rave at the end of summer. She’ll be performing live early in night in the bar area of The White Hotel. Theo Burt, aka The Automatics Group, also makes his own brand of electronic music and is most known for his Summer Mix release of radically processed dance pop and trance music. The Death of Rave reissued this on vinyl in 2015. He also released the cultishly esteemed Gloss on Lorenzo’s Presto?! label in 2015. Rounding off the evening is Croww, a Manchester based artist pecking at the corpuses of black metal, flashcore and DnB and nesting new mutations of hypermodern dance music. He’s DJing in between and after live acts in the main space – alongside Joost Jerk (Death of Rave). Croww’s debut record is due on The Death of Rave this summer.

Fri 12 May, The White Hotel, Unit 3, Dickinson Street, Manchester M3 7LW, 11-6am,£10,

Thanks to Groovement.

Fri 12 May
Agent J
Published on:
Wed 10 May 2017