Levelz w Kanjira | Antwerp Mansion | Tue 5 Nov | 11pm-3am | £2
Early signs seem to show that one of Manchester’s newest weeklies is here to stay. Still boasting a roster of residents that contains the likes of Chimpo, Jonny Dub and Chunky, this week’s edition features a headline set from promising local producer Kanjira. Advance tickets can be secured for only £2 as well.
Tickets: www.skiddle.com

So Flute ft Tom Boogizm | The Roadhouse | Fri 8 Nov | 10pm – late | £4
Local legend Tom Boogizm guests alongside the So Flute crew this month – a true head with deep knowledge and the crates to match. This’ll be ace though, don’t worry about any chin-stroking vibes here.
£4 on the guestlist: https://guestsort.com/rdz15/SO-FLUTE-NOVEMBER-8TH/Limited-4-Guest-

Amen Brother ft Remarc | Antwerp Mansion | Fri 8 Nov | 10pm-3am | £3
I can’t really deal with jungle all night, my brain can’t deal with it. Remarc is headlining here though, and Remarc is someone who’s come up with musically genius moments in his long career. This is definitely worth a look. Plus Fox, our very own host, will be handling mic duties on the night.

Hotmilk vs Clarks (Leeds) | The Roadhouse | Sat 9 Nov | 11pm-late | £3
Apparently I only think there are 2 clubs in Manchester this week. I will always be a huge Hotmilk devotee though. Leeds crew Clarks will be joining Joey B and Amanlikesam this month and I reckon you should probably be joining them too.

Thanks to SwingTing – 3rd Saturday of the month at Soup Kitchen.

Tue 5 Nov - Sat 9 Nov
Ruben Platt
Published on:
Tue 5 Nov 2013