Mrs Barbara Nice is the agony aunty you always longed for, always ready with a bit of home spun wisdom. Janice Connelly has honed her character to a fine edge of satire, warmth and hilarity. Performing the finale of the Chorlton Arts Festival Comedy Weekender, the mother of five and keen word searcher believes in having a bit of fun. She is as likely to persuade everyone to play musical chairs (she’ll talk you into it despite yourself), as to recount the accumulated wisdom of her years as a Stockport housewife. An evening with Mrs Barbara Nice will leave you feeling uplifted and just a little bit angry about the world. Supported by Maxine Jones as Embarrassing Mother. Enough said. 

Sun 18 May, South West Cricket Club, Ellesmere Road, Manchester M21 0SG. Tel: 0161 881 1921, 7.30pm, £6,

Image: Emma Case

Sun 18 May
Liz Kirby
Published on:
Thu 15 May 2014