Flim Night | Mon 5 Feb | The Three Minute Theatre | 7.30pm | £3
Though not strictly a comedy night per se, multi-disciplined mash up event Flim Night does attract some of the city’s more creative comic acts and this month’s installment is no different. Tackling Spielberg classic Jurassic Park the brains behind Flim have invited IT rock n rollers Foxdog Studios to 3MT for a look at how the musical comedy duo might have tackled Dennis Nedry and his nefarious hacking skills were they to have been on Isla Nublar. With more stand ups, poets and musicians tackling various sections of the dinosaur rampage its sure to be an inventive evening.

Lauren Pattison | Tue 6 Feb | The Bread Shed | 7.30pm | £5/3
After a nomination as best newcomer at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe, Geordie stand up Lauren Pattison has jumped from promising open spot at XS Malarkey to a headline act you won’t want to miss. Playing on her North East working class upbringing and her awkward approach to modern life Pattison won rave reviews at last year’s Fringe and finished off with a well earned nom that proves she’s a lady to look out for in the future.

Sham Bodie | Thu 8 Feb | Gulliver’s Lounge | 7.30pm | £3/5
Manchester’s chief purveyors of gout inducing culinary freebies and some time comedy club Sham Bodie are back for the first time this year. After a fourth successive nomination in the City Life Awards as best comedy club (and another crushing loss) Sham Bodie are inviting Jayne Edwards, James Meehan, Hannah Platt, Peter Fleming and, fresh of the back of a run at the Soho Theatre, The Delightful Sausage with some of their brand new offcuts. Also, there will be hot dogs.

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Mon 5 Feb - Thu 8 Feb
John Stansfield
Published on:
Sun 4 Feb 2018