Glenn Moore | Tue 29 Nov | The Pub/Zoo | 7.30pm | £5/3
Twitter and comedians have a strange relationship. For some it’s a great way to try out new material and get your jokes seen by a wide audience. Then there are those that see as giving away your intellectual property for free and with the amount of joke theft that is rife through social media they keep it at arms length. One such performer in the former camp is Glenn Moore who has built up some 10,000 followers through his inventive one liners and pithy reactions to the day’s events. Thankfully his short sharp style works as well on stage as it does in 149 characters and as one of the smartest writers on the circuit he is well worth checking at this week’s XS Malarkey before he’s off to bigger things.

The Klondyke Komedy Club | Thu 1 Dec | Klondyke | 7.30pm | £8
Ask anyone about Levenshulme and they’ll more than likely describe it as ‘up and coming’. They’ve been saying this for at least ten years there is some signs of its upping and cominging in this new comedy club from Manchester favourite Katie Mulgrew. Comedy nights run by comedians are always a treat for the level of act they are able to coerce into doing their gig and this show is no different with Mulgrew roping in Rob Rouse and Dan Nightingale for her first night at The Klondyke.

Norris & Parker | Fri 2 Dec | The Dancehouse | 7.30pm | £8
Manchester’s favourite sketch duo return to the city after another great year of creating bleak and affecting skits about all manner of grotesque characters from Katie Norris and Sinead Parker. Tonight they will be showcasing their new hour of pitch black comedy in ‘See You at the Gallows’ rated as one of the most well reviewed shows at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. A long time favourite on the Manchester scene they are now getting more and more popular with a recent run at the prestigious Soho Theatre in London.

Group Therapy with John Kearns & Pat Cahill | Sat 3 Dec | Gorilla | 7.30pm | £12/10
A year after bagging the City Life Award for best comedy club in the city Group Therapy have consistently proven why the accolade went their way and none more so than with this Christmas special. Two time Edinburgh award winner John Kearns headlines with rising star Pat Cahill opening. The real boon is in John Robertson who will take a break from The Dark Room and his own shows to host proceedings. A man with lashings of quick wit, Robertson let off the leash is worth the price of admission alone.

Image: Darren Russell

Tue 29 Nov - Sat 3 Dec
John Stansfield
Published on:
Tue 29 Nov 2016