It may be a little presumptive to choose a pick of the Fringe show before the Edinburgh Festival has even begun – but in this line up they may have jumped the gun appropriately. They’ve only announced three of the showcase thus far but they are three of the most highly regarded acts in the country. Sam Simmons is the Australian madman that won the Edinburgh Fringe’s highest honour last year with his show ‘Spaghetti for Breakfast’, James Acaster has been nominated for the same award for his past four appearances at the Festival and early indications are that he’s due another (and possibly a long overdue win) and Nish Kumar is the smart, satirical voice of Radio 4’s Newsjack and he too was nominated for the best show at 2015’s Festival. Add to that the pick of this August’s month of great, fresh comedy from the world’s biggest arts festival and you’ve got quite the show indeed.

Fri 16 Sep, The Dancehouse Theatre, 10 Oxford Road, Manchester M1 5QA. Tel: 0161 237 9753, 8pm, £17.50/16,

Fri 16 Sep
John Stansfield
Published on:
Mon 12 Sep 2016