Hetain Patel | Contact | Sat 10 May | 7.30pm | £6
Visual artist and performer Hetain Patel gives a personal and humorous take on his identity shape-shifting, caused by the effect popular culture and Americanisation has on all of us as children. A wonderful physical act, Patel has reached great fame through his previous TED Talk version of his stage work Be Like Water, which was also staged at Contact last year. A chance to see this hilarious and intimate performance before its world premiere at Sadler’s Wells is not to be passed up – especially the physicality he brings to story from his childhood as he brilliantly morphs from film character to film character to craft a tale of what it is to be an American Boy.

Charlie Baker (pictured) | The Lowry | Sun 11 May | 8pm | £12
When a comedian starts to sing I’m sure everyone cringes at the thought of Frank Skinner gurning his way through Fun Time Frankie – and if you didn’t, then you certainly will now. And we’re truly sorry for that. Thankfully Charlie Baker is a highly acclaimed jazz singer, as well as a uproarious hoot of a stand-up comedian. His show Baker’s Dozen, an Edinburgh fave, takes a song from each of the last thirteen years and adds his own spin and dissection of the ditty. A charming and highly likable human that is also very talented, Baker is fast cementing his place as one of the UK’s best acts.

Sketch, Drugs and Rock n Roll | Sandbar | Mon 12 May | 8pm | FREE
The wonderfully titled Atomic Horse Explosion take over hosting duties from Red Redmond at the sketch leg of the Dead Cat Comedy powerhouse this month. We have no idea what to expect from such a nuclear equine but we are assured it will equal ‘fun’. Whatever this clip-clopping compere turns out to be, it will be ably helped along with the creation of fun via Sketchy Theatre, El Purnell and Sid Wick. A night of character comedy and experimental skits that will be sure to blow up a Shetland or two.

Edward Aczel | The Pub/Zoo | Tue 13 May | 8pm | £5/£3
Edward Aczel has been delighting and confusing audiences for many years now, and frankly needs a bigger audience in order to sort the former from the latter. A wonderfully scatterbrained approach is charming and hilarious in equal measure, he is the kind of comedian you can never explain why he’s so funny. Just that he is. Go see him. Really we have no more words. Except to say that Joe Lycett is also on the bill and he’s going to be bigger than cheese and biscuits one day, so best go and see him now whilst he’s cheap.

Big Value Thursday | Frog & Bucket | Thu 15 May | 8pm | £9/£6
Doing exactly what it says on the tin, the Frog & Bucket’s Big Value Thursdays offer just that. It offers the chance to see the headliners they’ll have on Friday and Saturday, just a day or two earlier. For those that don’t have to go to work on Friday it’s ideal. And for those who no longer care about their place of work too. This Thursday includes a bumper line up for a very reasonable price as Jamie Sutherland introduces Alex Boardman, Lovdev Barpega and the ever popular Seymour Mace. Also on the bill is Will Duggan who has been tipped for big things so make sure you get down to catch the whole amazing line-up for half of what you’d be paying on the weekend.

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Fri 9 May - Thu 15 May
John Stansfield
Published on:
Fri 9 May 2014