Laugh Local | Fri 6 Jun | Chorlton Irish Club | 6.30pm | £10
After last month’s surprise appearance by John Bishop at Laugh Local, people may be expecting more good friends of resident MC Justin Moorehouse to pop up and do a tight five minutes. You won’t need this to be the case, as with last month’s amazing line-up of Boothby Graffoe, Vikki Stone and Steve Bugeja – Laugh Local don’t need to rely on ‘that bloke off the telly’ to show up in order to have a great show. June’s show sees three top-class acts in Tim Clark, Seymour Mace and Dan Nightingale, the latter of whom is prepping for an Edinburgh show that has gathered strong word of mouth as being amazing. They also serve a pasty supper at the event. There you go then, your Friday night is sorted. You’re welcome.

Gary Delaney (pictured) | Sat 7 Jun | Waterside Arts Centre, Sale | 8pm | £12/10
For those who live on the outskirts and don’t fancy braving the Metro into the abyss that is the city centre on a weekend, you can rest safe in the knowledge that great comedy is right around the corner. That corner being in Sale of course, near the Waterside Arts Centre. Even if you don’t live local to Sale the line-up should drag you there with the exceptional one line skills of Gary Delaney, genial white-haired Irishman Caimh McDonnell and Mickey Sharma, with his beat-box nursery rhymes.

Phil Ellis | Tue 10 Jun | Odd Bar | 7.30pm | FREE
The last time Phil Ellis performed at Quippopotamus at Odd Bar (the inaugural show at the NQ fave) he tried to suffocate himself with a plastic bag that he took umbrage to being on a table near him, and demolished a pack of Seabrooks crisps with a hammer. He was also brilliantly funny. Never performing two shows alike, Ellis practices a kind of anti-comedy and with his new Edinburgh show, Funz and Gamez, to preview it’s about to get a whole heap weirder. Also on the bill is the very strange yet genial Edy Hurst. A great night if you like your comedy a little odd.

The Rusty Sheriffs’s Sketch Limousine | Wed 11 Jun | The Kings Arms, Salford | 7.30pm | £3
There’s not really much information on this night other than it has a wonderfully abstract name with a delightful pun at the end. So what better reason to include it in the picks of the week. The event promises to be a night of award-winning stand-up and award-worthy sketch comedy – and with The Kings Arms’ history of putting on stellar performers in both of those categories, this night will prove to be more than just a great name.

Sham Bodie | Thu 12 Jun | The Castle Hotel | 8pm | £5
Another weird slice of comedy pie from the practitioners of all possibilities working out of the back room of The Castle, Sham Bodie. Back in Manchester after a successful debut night in London, Shammers presents a night of comedy, music, food and stuff. The comedy comes from the bizarre minds of Ben Kewin, Cheekykita and Jayne Edwards – a trio of character comics that will confuse and delight in equal measure. The music comes from Bad Grammar, two-piece noisemakers who won’t stand for an errant semi-colon. Food will be pies. And the ‘stuff’ is whatever your heart desires. Provided your heart desires to kick a ball at Wayne Rooney’s face in the hope of winning some prizes.

Fri 6 Jun - Thu 12 Jun
John Stansfield
Published on:
Fri 6 Jun 2014