Josie Long | Tue 11 Nov | The Pub/Zoo | 8pm | £5/3
Since her specially commissioned performance at The Library Theatre as part of the Everything Everything’s Choas to Order residency has sold out, comedy super club XS Malarkey have managed to bag Josie Long for an encore of sorts. Long’s comedy is a special brand of whimsy, enthusiasm and hyper infectious joy, and she is already established herself as one of the best young comics in the country. With a solid undercard featuring up and comer Iain Sterling and the ever-inventive Toby Hadoke as compere, XS Malarkey once again proves why it’s the city’s favourite club.

Twisted | Wed 12 Nov | Frog & Bucket | 8pm | £5 (£8 OTD)
Twisted sounds like the kind of high concept comedy night that could go horribly wrong, but in the hands of show creator Lou Conran and headliner Will Franken, it’ll be he kind of wonderful madness crazy enough to work. As headliner Franken will put his stamp on the show by creating three arbitrary rules that the other comedians have to follow for the evening. There will also be a ‘Super Comedian’ who will undergo special challenges set by the audience.  An Enforcer will be on hand to keep track of rule violations, providing prizes for the best and punishments for the worst acts. Confused? Not one to follow strict rules of stand up himself, it’ll be interesting to see what surreal slant he puts on this manic night.

Quippodrome | Thu 13 Nov | Mono, Chorlton | 8pm | £3
The second outing for the Quippodrome as they promise more ‘weird comedy’. The quartet consisting of Jack Evans, Jayne Edwards, Edy Hurst and Jon Whiteley will introduce a bunch of crazed sketches and bizarrely fleshed out characters such as Chief Inspector Horsehand and Isambard Kingdom Brunel (where do they come up with these kerrazy names?) to welcome you to the Quippodrome. It’s almost a fight club of comedy taking place as it does in Mono’s intimate basement, except there don’t seem to be too many rules and you probably won’t leave with your mandible dislocated. Probably. In fine support is anarcho-vegan Will Setchel who spits vitriolic truth past a teenager’s moustache.

Paul Sinha | Sat 15 Nov | Contact Theatre | 8pm | £14/8
When a comedian wears the fact Jim Davidson once described as ‘an Indian poof’ as a badge of honour you know you’re un for a treat. Paul Sinha is an intelligent, passionate and most importantly hilarious comedian who walks the tricky tightrope of intellectual comedy like a joke juggling Philippe Petit. A quiz geek who may be recognized as Sinnerman on ITV’s The Chase, he has also appeared on Mastermind and University Challenge. Go to this show, you might learn something. You’ll definitely laugh. A lot.

Tony Law | Sun 16 Nov | The Lowry | 8pm | £14
Fans of abstract trains of thought are in for a real treat as the acid powered locomotive mind of Tony Law pulls into The Lowry for a show that might make no sense, or will be the most enlightening thing you’ve seen this year. Impossible to mimic, Law is a… erm… law unto himself (really sorry) going off on the most surreal tangents to see where they might go, sometimes it’s nowhere, sometime’s it’s pure wonder. Either way it’s one heck of a ride, and Law is the most entertaining conductor you’re ever likely to find. A must see.

Tue 11 Nov - Sun 16 Nov
John Stansfield
Published on:
Mon 10 Nov 2014