Rhys Darby | The Lowry | Sat 19 Jul | 8pm | £23
The man formerly known as Murray Hewitt brings his show Mr Adventure to The Lowry, regaling the audience with his tales of journeys to the misty mountains of Rwanda and the eerie shores of Loch Ness. He recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and is looking forward to climbing Mount Everest to perform the highest ever stand-up set. We thought that record was held by Mitch Hedberg, but whatever. A fantastically physical performer whose mix of home spun enthusiasm and pitch-perfect sound effects help his stories come alive.

Indie Comedy Allstars | Walrus | Sun 20 Jul | 8.30pm | FREE
Having only started a few months ago, the latest in the Dead Cat Comedy stable shows no sign of diminishing returns. Let’s just hope Red Redmond isn’t some kind of comedy crack dealer. The first few are free, but once you’re hooked he jacks up the price! For the time being we can enjoy a great night of free comedy as Red introduces some of the biggest and brightest on the Manchester scene. Fairburnest of them all, Rachel Fairburn will be polishing a little more of her amazing Edinburgh show before heading up to the Scottish capital in a weeks time. Edy Hurst is a wonderful ball of smiles, energy and funny stuff. And finally headliner Sam Gore is a cracking wordsmith with a host of awards under his belt. He should really put them in a cabinet or something. Ever so cumbersome to keep awards on your person.

Lou Conran & Milo McCabe | King’s Arms | Tue 22 Jul | 7.30pm | £2
As we near the end of the Greater Manchester Fringe, the Edinburgh previews come thick and fast in arguably the best week for comedy at the festival. Lou Conran and Milo McCabe will both be taking shows up and so treat the audience to a preview show for a pound a piece. Quite the sweet deal. Lou Conran offers up ‘Subject Matter’ a show about her genetic predisposition to disappoint herself in order to amuse others, whereas Milo McCabe introduces the world to Troy Hawke, who was born a matinee idol but without the MGM contract.

Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre | Taurus Bar | Wed 23 Jul | 7.30pm | £8
Performing around the world since 2005, these socks are showing no signs of wearing thin. Previewing a brand new Edinburgh show, the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre are a spectacle to behold. The kind of show everyone that’s been will tell you to go and see but you’ll still be skeptical about the idea of sock puppets being entertaining. But, you know what, just get over yourself yeah. You’re no better than sock puppets – and these ones are very funny. They don’t even smell either.

James Acaster | King’s Arms | Thu 24 Jul | 8pm | £5
At time of writing this there were only nine tickets left to go and see James Acaster at The King’s Arms. Which is nine more than we were expecting. One of the best young comics to exist this will almost certainly be your last chance to see him in such an intimate setting – and for only a fiver too. A whimsical and nebbish treat with a style like no other, we implore you nine lucky souls to go. Sorry if it’s sold out now.

Thanks to @johnwinsagain

Fri 18 Jul - Thu 24 Jul
John Stansfield
Published on:
Sat 19 Jul 2014