Kiri Pritchard-Mclean | Lass O’Gowrie | Mon 21 Oct | 9.30pm | £4
Ascending the stairs that hide behind the bar at the Lass O’Gowrie already seems like a dirty little secret. Past the retro posters and into the small attic room that has ably been transformed into a theatre it’s like entering a cultural speakeasy. A fitting venue it would seem for Kiri Pritchard-Mclean’s Racist, Sexist, Comedy Show. An impossibly ambitious debut show rising star Kiri will be discussing whether women are as funny as men, if black people are naturally ‘soulful’ singers and should be well on her way to committing a hate crime. So go see the show of an exciting new talent. It may be the last time you get to.

Ivo Graham | Jabez Clegg | Tue 22 Oct | 8.30pm | £5/3
Marked out by London comedy promotion powerhouse The Invisible Dot as one of a New Wave of comedy from around Britain along with future greats such as Jamie Demetriou, Claudia O’Doherty (granted she’s Australian) and Liam Williams. Winning the coveted ‘So You Think You’re Funny’ new talent competition at the tender age of 19 he has continued to gig nationwide whilst maintaining his studies at Oxford. Since graduating he has had a critically acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe show and is now bringing his boyish awkward charm to Manchester. Go see him and say you saw him back when.

Joe Rogan | The Dancehouse | Fri 25 Oct | 8pm & 11pm | £30
Veteran American stand up Rogan makes a rare appearance in the UK, with his well established (in the US at least) brand of blokish yet reflective comedy stylings. Perhaps best known to people in Britain as a commentator on UFC, don’t let that put you off a polished act that looks at what it is to be liberal, all be it from an angry and somewhat authoritarian performance. Read our full preview here.

Robin Ince | The Dancehouse | Sat 26 Oct | 8pm | 8pm | £14/10
The Dancehouse is making quite the name for itself with booking the best in stand up as Robin Ince is added to the list that includes Friday’s Joe Rogan show, last week’s Lucy Porter and November’s Bo Burnham. Ince is the award winning comic with a great interest in science. As informative as he is hilarious, Ince’s lecturer look helps make sense of two of his favourite scientists, Charles Darwin and Richard Feynman, and how these two giants of human imagination changed our worldview.

Laughing Cows | Frog & Bucket | Sun 27 Oct | 8pm | £9 (otd) £7 (adv)
The first ever British ‘Women in Comedy’ Festival comes to an end with a party frok those guys that started it all Laughing Cows. A phenomenal all female line up (obvs) sees festival favourites Jen Brinster, Angie McEvoy and Maureen Younger with resident MC and all round good egg Kerry Leigh overseeing proceedings this is one festival that will most certainly go out with a bang.

Quippopotamus | Fuel | Sun 27 Oct | 8pm | FREE
If you’re a massive misogynist or just like your comedy a bit cheaper (i.e. FREE) then you might want to head to Withington for Fuel’s comedy night Quippopotamus. Hopefully you’re not a misogynist since its 2013 and everything, because Quip won’t stand for such gender segregation, invited the best of the weirder comedy scene of Manchester they welcome Harriet Dyer, Peter Phillipson, Laura Machin and Dean Mavros. See that two of each sex. So get back in your box Mr Imaginary Misogynist! You aren’t wanted here!

Sun 27 Oct
John Stansfield
Published on:
Sun 27 Oct 2013