There’s something other-worldly about The Boy With Tape On His Face. Unsurprising, perhaps, given that the name, and persona was inspired by Tim Burton and his poem The Boy With Nails In His Eyes. The creation of New Zealand street performer Sam Wills, Tape Face, as he is known to his mates, is a mute performer (hence the tape… on his face) who employs all sorts of elements – atmospheric music, manipulated audience members and oven gloves – to construct his quirky show. In fact if you’re not up for a bit of audience participation it might be best to sit well back. The overall effect is unlike anything you’ll see on the comedy circuit; funny, magical and beautiful in one simple, wordless event.

Sat 3 Nov, The Lowry, Pier 8, Salford Quays, M50 3AZ, 0843 208 6000, 8pm, £14,

Image: Mat Ricardo

Sat 3 Nov
Marissa Burgess
Published on:
Wed 31 Oct 2012