Love quizzes? Then you’ll want to check out Quizimodo, arguably Manchester’s best (and certainly its most bonkers) quiz, every Wednesday at Chorlton’s Oddest Bar. Run by a comedic team of lol-masters, the quiz has been on its annual summer break but it’s back this week with a fresh vibe and plenty of new dimensions to flex those brain muscles. Bearing almost no similarity to the pub quiz as you know it, Quizimodo is a multi-media celebration of knowledge and stupidity, and had rightly claimed its place as the most popular quiz in Chorlton. Expect Pictionary-style games, funny clips, gags, cover versions and, of course. kazoos as part of a quiz like no other.

Wednesdays, Oddest bar, 414-416 Wilbraham Road, Manchester M21 0SD. Tel: 0161 860 7515, 8pm, FREE entry, £1 quiz.

Wed 7 Oct - Wed 16 Dec
Joshua Gordon
Published on:
Sun 15 Nov 2015