Cornerhouse hosts a new exhibition of work by renowned British artist David Shrigley. With his iconic style of cartoon-like line drawings and hand written text, Shrigley’s works elicit a dry humour, highlighting everyday fears and social dysfunctionality. The show is named How Are You Feeling?, a phrase often used in self-help, psychiatry and the diagnosis of psychosis and the exhibition presents a range of works that investigate and question the peculiarities and struggles of the human condition. Indeed, in the book published to accompany the exhibition, Shrigley takes the reader on a journey around the human brain commenting “at the centre of the inside of the human brain’s mind is the place where one can find the reasons why human beings behave in such peculiar, delightful and unpleasant ways”. Born in Macclesfield and educated at Glasgow School of Art, Shirgley is best know for his unsettling drawings, which have featured in solo shows, newspapers like the Guardian and pop videos (for the likes of Blur and Bonnie Prince Billy). Alongside a display of drawings and sculpture, the exhibition sees Shrigley develop a performance-based work for the first time. Using trained actors, Shrigley will offer visitors art therapy to help them cope with what he describes as “an increasingly crazy and poorly signposted world”.

Sat 6 Oct 2012 to Sun 6 Jan 2013, Cornerhouse, 70 Oxford Street, M1 5NH, Tel: 0161 150 2000. Closed Mondays, FREE,

Sat 6 Oct - Sun 6 Jan
Laura Mansfield
Published on:
Wed 2 Jan 2013