For the next major exhibition at the Whitworth art gallery, the renowned M+ Sigg Collection will curate Chinese art from the 1970s onwards. This extensive exhibition will span four decades in a showcase of the best contemporary Chinese art, starting with the practice of artists including the ‘No Name Group’ via events on Tiananmen Square in 1989 and ending with some of the most acclaimed artists of the 21st Century, such as Ai Weiwei, Cao Fei and Zhang Peili. Exploring themes of expression, freedom and the conditions of artistic practice, the show takes on the challenging task of representing China and its artists in an powerful reflection of China’s economic, political and social change. Some notable works will include: Family Tree (2000) by Zhang Huan, Weng Fen’s On the Wall series (2002, pictured) and Ai Weiwei’s installation, Still Life (1995-2000). The exhibition is drawn from Swiss collector Uli Sigg’s collection and will move to the new M+ museum, which is set to open in Hong Kong in 2019. The Whitworth is the only place in the UK that The M+ Sigg Collection is being shown.

Wed 1 Jul – Sun 20 Sep, the Whitworth, Oxford Road, M15 6ER. Tel:0161 275 7450, FREE,

Wed 1 Jul - Sun 20 Sep
Daisy Kidd
Published on:
Tue 15 Sep 2015