Six by Nico is launching yet another innovative idea to keep us going through this lockdown – restaurant-quality food straight from your kitchen! Well, if you’re a decent cook. Six by Nico Masterclasses are the closet thing you’re going to get to a real night out meal this lockdown, as the restaurant’s titular chef Nico Simeone hands the apron to those at home.

Once joined, you will receive a masterclass box which contains all the ingredients necessary to make two brand new recipes, which are perfectly portioned for two people, making for an excellent date night alternative. But don’t worry, Nico hasn’t left us out in the deep end, the boxes come with easy to follow instructions and preparations as well as a dedicated YouTube channel that has video tutorials, so you can work at your own pace or try to keep up with Nico.

So why not ditch the lockdown takeaways for a genuine restaurant-quality meal that not only fills your tummy but teaches you how to cook like a real chef. New menus will be revealed each week, so be sure to keep an eye on the Six By Nico Masterclass website for more details.

Ben Esson
Published on:
Thu 21 Jan 2021