In British culture, there is no real equivalent to Miike Takashi. Filmmaker, actor and all round highly-controversial figure, his shadow looms large over pretty much all popular culture in Japan thanks to his razor-sharp wit and unique knack for storytelling. Most well known for his film Ichi the Killer – the full cut of which was refused certificate in Britain – he specialises in dark humour, with themes of family and the Yakuiza running through his work. Joshua Brooks choose this Sunday to celebrate him with their Cultivate Film Club, airing the – here is that word again – controversial Visitor Q (a film which opens with the question ‘Have you ever done it with your Dad?’)), and cult classic Gozu, a movie that echoes the odes of greek mythology, but deals with the mafia in present-day Japan. A true one-off, this should act as a perfect introduction to anyone unaware of the genius of Miike Takashi. There’s free popcorn and rum, too.

Sun 20 Jun, 106 Princess St, M1 6NG, 7pm, Free,

Sun 30 Jun
Matthew Britton
Published on:
Thu 20 Jun 2013