Manchester Museum is the latest local cultural hotspot to transport its many objects and artefacts online, allowing visitors to explore its various collections without leaving home. The move comes swiftly after a selection of the city’s arts venues and galleries including HOME, The Portico Library and People’s History Museum have also digitised their work, providing a much-needed culture hit amid COVID-19 induced social isolation. By visiting you’ll be able to explore current exhibitions like the insect-focused Beauty and the Beast and pottery-led A Ming Emperor’s Seat, aspects of untold histories that aren’t taught in schools and the museum’s extensive collection of wondrours objects, including over 4.5 million curiosities. Their new digital hub also boasts resources for home educators and families. To start exploring, simply visit the site.

Manchester Museum,
University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL
, Tel: 0161 275 2648
Edward Lane
Published on:
Wed 1 Apr 2020