The upstairs space at Fuel in Withington can be a difficult thing – kind of half split into two with a stage space that takes up the majority of the decent available floor, it is far from ideal – especially when people from downstairs are having to pass through the crowd in order to reach the venue’s only set of toilets. It’s for that reason it also makes for some pretty idiosyncratically interesting shows – people still talk about show by Ghost Outfit and Brown Brogues on those exposed floorboard, the strange room heaving with people. Expect the same when PINS host an evening here – done under the name of their own in-house record label HAUS OF PINS, this free entry shows sees them play their first Manchester show in, well, ages, with Abjects and Pink Teens brought in from further afield to support. having just released a new 7″ through Bella Union, and with an album rumoured for later in the year, this should be one of the last chances to see them in such intimate surrounds. Brown Brogues return to play some hits on virtual DJ, too.

Fri 19 Jul, Fuel Cafe Bar, 448 Wilmslow Road, Manchester, M20 3BW, 9pm, Free, @hausofpins

Fri 19 Jul
Matthew Britton
Published on:
Wed 19 Jun 2013