Renowned duo Dan Whitehouse and Max ZT bring their unique brand of musical spoken word to The Stoller Hall later this month.

Max ZT’s cross-cultural approach to the hammered dulcimer has cemented his reputation as one of the instrument’s most prolific innovators, while Dan Whitehouse’s distinctive and wonderous songwriting has earned widespread acclaim.

The collaboration sees the pair magically weave sound and spoken word, drawing on a shared belief in the healing power of music.

On their second live tour together, the two feed off each other’s unique creativity, performing material from their debut collaborative album, Ten Steps, which was recorded partly remotely between New York and Tokyo, and completed with improvisations captured at their live shows in 2021.

Audiences can also expect pieces from their most recent solo projects: Dan’s Reflections on the Glass Age, and Max’s Daybreak.

Dan Whitehouse and Max ZT come to The Stoller Hall on Sat 28 Oct. Tickets are on sale now, you can grab yours using the button below.

A Manchester Wire Partnership post
Sat 28 Oct, The Stoller Hall,
Hunts Bank, Manchester M3 1DA
Bradley Lengden
Published on:
Wed 11 Oct 2023