Dalemain House (pictured), nestled in the green bosom of the Lakes, is pure period drama fodder – providing  locations in the past for ITV’s Jane Eyre adaptation, among others – but as August rolls around, bonnets loosen and temperatures rise for the coming of the Lakes Chilli Fest 2014. Over the weekend, the house’s lush grounds will play host to over 50 vendors, covering all points on the gastric spectrum: Bakers, brewers, vintners, curers, curryers, grillers, sauciers, doughnutters and barbecurators. Accompanying this gut-busting menu is a programme of entertainment covering music, magic and the centrepiece of the weekend: the annual chilli-eating competition – a gruelling gladiatorial slog through a palette of increasingly hot peppers, promising blood, sweat and crippling heartburn.

Sat 2 Aug – Sun 3 Aug, Dalemain House & Gardens, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 0HB, £4.50 (free for children under 16) www.thelakeschillifest.co.uk

Sat 2 Aug - Sun 3 Aug
Jon Whiteley
Published on:
Mon 28 Jul 2014