Identity: a notion, thrown at us during our teenage years, that manages to worm its way into most walks of life from then onwards. From our interests and achievements to the clothes we pick out from the wardrobe each morning, identity plays a big part in the modern world, not just for artists in their work, but for each of us as individuals. Togaedere Collective has assembled a selection of works from 13 of their photographers and digital artists to launch an exhibition exploring what identity and representation means to them, both as artists and individually. With an array of photographic approaches, material and technology, the collective presents a series of works that decipher the complexity of these intriguing notions – all displayed within the tiled walls of 2022nq’s basement. Work will be on display for two days only, but head down the launch (Tue 12 Feb) to get a first peek as this thought-provoking exhibition.

Tue 12 Feb – Wed 13 Feb, 2022nq, 20/22 Dale Street, M1 1EZ, Tel: 0161 237 9360, 7pm, FREE,

Tue 12 Feb - Wed 13 Feb
Hannah Phillips
Published on:
Sun 10 Feb 2013