The Department Of Coffee And Social Affairs have officially opened their first Manchester branch behind the Piccadilly bus thoroughfare. It’s not the Northern Quarter, so there’s definitely the demand for a decent brew in this part of town, and with good roastery credentials and a variety of blends on the board at any time, they can more than deliver. Décor is simple with pared down industrial fittings and untreated wood table tops. Floor to ceiling windows ensure that despite City Tower looming overhead, plenty of natural light gets in. The Department Of Coffee team are also testing out a new Members Club concept at the shop on York Street, with booths for study, spaces for hot-desking, speedy internet and purpose built meeting rooms (you can pay for the day or an annual or monthly membership to get the use of their ‘white space’). And no need to worry about the ethical principles behind your cup of joe – the ‘Social Affairs’ part of the name refers to the humanitarian work that the company get involved in, supporting the work of UK charity Pump Aid, and a load of other great causes in the developing world. For more food and drink click here.

Now open. Department Of Coffee And Social Affairs. 7 New York Street, Manchester M1 4JB. Mon-Fri: 7am-5pm.

John Stansfield
Published on:
Tue 16 Jan 2018