Design Manchester is a week-long celebration of creativity and design, with a range of masterclasses and free events taking place around Manchester city centre. One of the major highlights is a Music How panel which sees big names discussing various aspects of design in music. The panel includes New Order and Joy Division drummer Stephen Morris taking part in a conversation about the visual aspects of album creation alongside Festival expert, Jon Drape, who specialises in the aesthetic considerations of live music production. His CV includes the Portmeirion-based Festival No 6 as well as the hugely successful likes of Parklife Festival and the Warehouse Project. The panel is completed by Luke Bainbridge, music journalist and key figure behind Festival No 6.

Thu 15 Oct, 70 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 5NH, 6pm, £12 (student discount £9.50),

Thu 15 Oct
Ian Pennington
Published on:
Tue 13 Oct 2015