Associated with the Young British Artists, Michael Landy’s Break Down (2001) really put him in the public eye. In this seminal performance, he destroyed all 7227 objects and possessions he owned causing a media sensation worldwide and attracting more than 45, 000 viewers. The artist has gone on to enjoy a high profile career and is currently showing a video piece depicting his father, entitled Four Walls, at the Whitworth. Landy’s father was a miner caught up in a tunnel collapse in 1977 and this accident lead to severe spinal injuries that left him housebound. In this film, which forms an extract of a larger piece originally show at the Tate Modern in 2004, Landy explores his father’s passion for DIY and how it was affected by the accident. Tools, manuals and magazines are all presented to a soundtrack of his father whistling his favourite songs in what amounts to a surprisingly emotive portrait.

Until Sun 16 Jun, Whitworth Art Gallery, Oxford Road, M15 6ER, Tel: 0161 275 7450, times vary, FREE,

Image: Michael Landy, Four Walls, 2004

Sat 9 Feb - Sun 16 Jun
Hannah Phillips
Published on:
Mon 22 Apr 2013