As close to a basement show as you’ll get in The Northern Quarter, noise rock revivalists Dope Body swing full pelt into the guts of The Bay Horse for what promises to be the most intense and down-right rowdy show in the venues history. Gaining well deserved exposure from last year’s Natural History released on Drag City, these Baltimore natives set critics alight last year, clawing for superlatives to describe their sound. Frequent comparisons to the likes of Jawbox, Jesus Lizard, Hot Snakes, Lightning Bolt, Lungfish and even Soundgarden have been thrown at the quartet, and while at times warranted, Dope Body’s smirking look at the underbelly of 1990s American alternative rock is a concoction they’ve totally made their own. Reinvigorated by elements of harsh noise, stuttering sing speak Yow-isms and a constantly churning, muscular rhythm section, Dope Body’s music is so infectious because they know how and when to utilise that all important hook. With no other Northern UK dates booked and no plans to return to the UK this year, this will be your only chance to gain a fix only Dope Body can give you.

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Tue 21 May, The Bay Horse, 35-37 Thomas Street, M4 1NA. Tel: 0161 661 1041, 7.30pm, £6,

Tue 21 May
Joshua Gordon
Published on:
Wed 15 May 2013