Everyone’s favourite local prog-pop rapscallions Dutch Uncles have teamed up with Northern Quarter meat fiends Almost Famous to create a burger inspired by their new album, Out of Touch in the Wild. The ‘Godboy Burger Flexxin Out In The Wilds Of The Northern Quarter’, or just ‘Godboy Burger’ is a double ‘famous’ burger with Dutch cheese, topped with wild boar sausage, shoestring fried onions, ‘Marple syrup’ (a sauce based on Robinsons’ Dizzy Blonde beer, brewed in Stockport) and chipotle ketchup, topped with a speared jellybaby (Godboy) floating on a cloud made from a mini ‘dutchcheesesteakburger’. We’re particularly intrigued as to how the sugary sweetness of the jellybaby will interact with the meaty mini-burger. Will the beef complement the gelatine? Will the fruit flavour act as a solidified jus for the steak? Only time and, presumably, a fair bit of queueing will tell. With only 25 Godboys up for grabs each day (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), this is likely to be the Duncles’ fastest-selling merchandise yet. Each burger comes with a code to download Godboy (the song) and Queenie, a B-side. If you miss out, there’s still time to catch the boys in less edible form as they’ll be playing Gorilla on Saturday 16 February; with a five-star review in the Times for their recent London show, we doubt tickets will be around much longer. Out of Touch in the Wild is out now on Memphis Industries and is brilliant.

Fri 18 – Sun 20 Jan, Almost Famous, M4 1HP, 12pm – 2am Fri, 1pm – 2am Sat, 1pm – 11pm Sun, www.dutchuncles.co.uk

Fri 18 Jan - Sun 20 Jan
Carole Keating
Published on:
Sun 20 Jan 2013