Maybe Brown Brogues have started getting a bit bored. They’ve consistently been the best live band in the city over the past five or so years, consistently sell out DIY shows up and down the country and produced one of the most impressive debut albums of the year – so it’s natural they’d start branching out a little. After their hit Album Lunch back in January (an album launch show at lunchtime, featuring petit filous, party bags and an acoustic set), they’re now on to the third of their Bro Bro parties, held at Kraak every now and then, putting on some of their favourite bands and playing with them too. Eagulls headline this one, having played several brutal shows in the city before – though, with time, they only seem to get meaner (and, somehow, even better). A must-see if you’ve never experience either band – or openers, Temple of Coke – before. We’re guessing that those who’ve experience the two before will be down the front with us

Fri 14 Jun, Kraak, 11, Stevenson Square, M1 1DB, £4, 7.30pm,

Fri 14 Jun
Matthew Britton
Published on:
Mon 11 Mar 2013