Ahead of Croatian music festival, Soundwave this summer, Eastern Bloc Records is hosting a launch party on Record Store Day in Manchester in conjunction with the mighty First Word Records. Stage and Radio is the venue for the event (rather than their record store and cafe on Stevenson Square), with Manchester stalwarts Taste The Diff’rence, Jesterman, Bane and Swindells holding down the bar over the  night. A quartet of talent seizes the basement stage: Rough Trade veteran Bobafatt is a Soundwave resident and revered far and wide for his wide tastes in hip hop fuelled selection; DJ Gilla is the founder of First Word, and another versatile selector as visitors to his Excursions nights and radio show will tell you; Children Of Zeus are busy blazing a rep for modern UK hip hop soul and will be performing live (Tyler Daley can also be found on Goldie’s comeback album, while Konny Kon is busy in the lab with Dub Phizix); Mr Thing is simply one of the world’s best DJs and most passionate diggers. All this follows wax selectors in the Eastern Bloc shop all day long, so expect proto-summer vibes from start to finish!

Sat 22 Apr, Stage & Radio, Port Street, Manchester, M1 2EQ. Tel: 0161 236 5100, 9pm – 4am, £7/£8/£10 from Eastern Bloc in Stevenson Square, www.facebook.com

Thanks to Groovement.

Sat 22 Apr
Agent J
Published on:
Sun 16 Apr 2017