The history of pop is littered with stories of tragedy untroubled by recovery or repair, delighted as we are by stories of imploding stars and their spiralling declines. Edwyn Collins’ stroke and path towards a new and different life, stands or as one of those rare inspirational stories and has now been committed to film as The Possibilities are Endless, a title taken from one of few phrases Collins was able to utter following the damage – ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘the possibilities are endless’. The documentary covers the ‘A Girl Like You’ singer’s return to form, lovingly brought to life by vaunted music chroniclers James Hall and Edward Lovelace – perhaps best known for producing Katy Perry concert flick, Part of Me. Its been produced by Pulse, whose roster of music documentary films includes made No Distance Left to Run (Blur), Nick Caves 20,000 Days on Earth and the concert film of LCD Soundsystem’s last show, Shut Up and Play the Hits. The Possibilities are Endless is being screened at Dancehouse, an apt venue thanks to cinema-style rows of seating and a domed ceiling, making it ideal for live performance. The screening is accompanied by a Q&A with the creative team and a live set from the man himself, nicely capping this ongoing tale of redemption and music.

Fri 14 Nov, Dancehouse, 10A Oxford Road, Manchester, M1 5QA. Tel: 0161 237 1413, 8pm, £12,

Fri 14 Nov
Jon Whiteley
Published on:
Mon 10 Nov 2014