When Egyptian Hip Hop came out of the Manchester suburbs in 2009 as four fresh-faced 17-year-olds, critics and fans revelled in their youthfully exuberant indie pop. Three years later, the band are set to release debut album Good Don’t Sleep (on massively acclaimed dance label R&S – Lone, Blawan, James Blake), which presents a departure from their early dream pop mystique. The encompassing basslines and psychedelic, dance-pop synths sketch a more sophisticated soundscape. With support from Weird Era and Temple Songs, the band return to lead the way for UK guitar music. Bathe in the magnificence of Yoro Diallo.

Tue 9 Oct, Soup Kitchen, 31-33 Spear Street, M1 1DF. Tel: 0161 236 5100, 7.30pm, £7, www.seetickets.com

Tue 9 Oct
Joshua Gorman
Published on:
Mon 8 Oct 2012