Enablers are one of the few bands ever to capture the visceral power of the written word. Helmed by celebrated underground writer Pete Simonelli, whose noir inspired narration details the trials of the menial worker, the drunks, the downtrodden and the abandoned, acting as a guide through the groups angular and cathartic music. Mood and atmosphere has never been so deftly employed in traditional rock setting , where at turns Simonelli’s startlingly poetic phrases are embellished by beatific guitar interplay before the quartet crescendo into blistering and scathing passages of chest beating furore; the desperation of the authors characters wonderfully realised. And it really is no wonder why Enablers are this good; their numbers include former Swans member Joe Goldring and behind the kit one independent rock’s finest drummers Doug Scharin (June of 44/Rex/HiM/Codeine). There is a reason that this band are so untouchable…simply because no one else could make this music but them. Support includes Locean, featuring members of Bratan and Easter, start the evening with a engaging mix of improv and spoken word followed by caustic post-punkers Monster Island. Husband and Wife guitar duo Oak Before Ash (formerly Black Octagon) return with their elegiac melodies before local scene legend Mike O’Neill (The Sonar Yen) concludes the evening with material from his debut on Gnod’s Tesla Tapes.

Wed 6 Nov, Kraak, 11 Stevenson Square, M1 1DB, 7pm, £5, www.fatout.co.uk

Wed 6 Nov
David McLean
Published on:
Sat 2 Nov 2013