Mayfield Park is set to be Manchester’s first city-centre public park to be constructed in over a century – and the £1.4 billion transformation project, happening at the heart of Manchester, has just started on its next stage of work.

Buried under concrete for over five decades, the 365-metre long River Medlock, which runs through the Mayfield regeneration site, has finally been restored by the PP O’Connor Group construction firm.

The project’s ethos is to demonstrate the potential in the reclamation of nature and natural spaces within a city landscape. Previously a derelict and neglected part of Manchester, the transformation of Mayfield Park will completely renew the city’s industrial heritage. Spanning 6.5-acres, the revitalised space is being described by Mayfield Manchester as: “an urban square with a buzz of activities” – with a high emphasis on its biodiverse ecological space within the city landscape.

The restoration of the River Medlock is set to achieve exactly this. In allowing more sunlight to reach the vegetation, along with an addition of sustainable interventions along the banks, new plants and wildlife populations can begin to make the river and its surrounding space their natural habitat.

Not only will the space benefit wildlife but it will also seamlessly integrate workplace with cultural space. While acting as a functional site for 500 new homes, 1.6-metre square-feet of commercial space, and 300,000-square-feet of retail and leisure facilities, the landscaped park will simultaneously serve as a brand new public amenity and cultural venue for Mancunians and frequent visitors of the city. With cycling routes, South-facing seating areas, and terraces – Mayfield Park ensures that every member of its community is catered and provided for.

The park is expected to open in September 2022. To find out more visit the Mayfield Manchester Instagram page below or visit their website.


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Fri 28 May, Mayfield Park
Rhiannon Ingle
Published on:
Fri 28 May 2021