Bringing a unique perspective to the fascinating potential of digital technology in shaping the art of tomorrow, Rebecca Allen collates pioneering works from half a century of innovation with A Tangle of Mind and Matter at SODA’s Modal Gallery.

From the embryonic stages of computer-generated graphics in the 1970s to the bleeding-edge VR immersion of today, Allen has been in the vanguard of digital art, playing an integral role in shaping how we experience the world through technology and inspiring a generation of creatives with a revelatory blend of digital and organic.

Running until Sun 30 Apr, Allen’s exhibition showcases her career-long exploration of the nexus between the natural and artificial form, with works from the 1980s through to the present day including her iconic album cover for Kraftwerk’s 1986 record, Electric Cafe.

As creative technologists increasingly remould our understanding of aesthetics, politics and society, A Tangle of Mind and Matter offers a fresh, evocative manifesto for our artistic trajectory, with examinations of human movement and natural forms, how these are expressed digitally, and questions on the future of the body with an eye on the boundless possibilities of human experience.

For more information about the exhibition, visit the SODA website.

A Manchester Wire Partnership post
Thu 30 Mar - Sun 30 Apr,
Modal Gallery, School of Digital Arts (SODA), Manchester Metropolitan University, 14 Higher Chatham Street, Manchester M15 6ED
Wolf McFarlane
Published on:
Mon 3 Apr 2023