A new film and sound artwork coming to Salford Museum this Summer looks back at the first decade of the UK pop charts (1952-62). ‘Everything I Have Is Yours’ was produced by Eileen Simpson and Ben White from the Open Music Archive. This ongoing project aims digitise and distribute out-of-copyright sound recordings, and is a vehicle for collaborative projects exploring the music’s potential for reuse. For this project, the duo worked with a group of older musicians, many of whom were teenagers during the birth of the Manchester rock ‘n’ roll scene. The film focuses on this diverse group as they play, both individually and collectively. They re-engage with public-domain samples from their formative era of the ‘birth of pop’, and incorporate these sounds into new musical creations, in an intergenerational call and response. The camera continuously tracks its way through the musicians, echoing the circular loops of the music itself.

Thu 4 Jul – Sun 3 Nov, Salford Museum and Art Gallery, Peel Park, The Crescent, Salford, M5 4WU, Tel: 0161 778 0800, 11.30am – 4.00pm, FREE, salfordmuseum.com/event

Thu 4 Jul - Sun 3 Nov
A. James Simpkin
Published on:
Sun 1 Sep 2019