On the evening of Sat 19 Mar, cast in the stirring glow of candlelight, the outstanding musicians of the Piccadilly Sinfonietta and its acclaimed soloists bring you a masterful performance of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, delivered amidst the gothic opulence of Manchester Cathedral.

Virtuoso violinist Matthew Jones, described by Fanfare Magazine as ‘the finest since William Primrose’, and Warren Mailey-Smith, the prolific pianist set to perform over a hundred concerts this season, take centre stage in the city’s architectural jewel having taken their repertoires from London’s Southbank Centre to New York City’s world-famous Carnegie Hall.

One of the most stunning and recognisable compositions in history, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons remains the perfect evocation of a year’s natural transience and all the human joy within it. Almost anybody on Earth could pick out the Spring concerto, whether or not by name, as the staple score for high-society garden parties in any period drama. But, amongst the cavernous acoustics of the cathedral, Jones and Mailley-Smith’s recital is certain to be a world away from Bridgerton, and instead a flawless realisation of Vivaldi’s original vision. 

Launched less than four years ago as a local chamber orchestra, the Piccadilly Sinfonietta has been showered with acclaim under the artistic direction of Mailley-Smith, who manages this all while satisfying his reputation as one of the busiest concert pianists of his generation. Audiences on the night will enjoy the triumphant ability of a musician who debuted with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, was the first British pianist to perform Chopin’s complete works from memory, and whose past patrons include the Royal Family. Alongside him, revered concert soloist Matthew Jones performs with all the wizardry of a violinist/violist who holds lofty academic positions as both Professor of Viola at London’s Guildhall School and Professor at the British Isles Music Festival.

Completing the evening with renditions of Bach’s D Minor Concerto for Two Violins and his impressive Piano Concerto in D Minor, Manchester’s classical music lovers are​ guaranteed an electrifying night of both technical and atmospheric perfection.

Tickets are on sale now, grab yours using the button below.

A Manchester Wire Partnership post
Sat 19 Mar, 7.30pm, Manchester Cathedral,
Victoria St, Manchester M3 1SX
Wolf McFarlane
Published on:
Mon 7 Mar 2022