With National Vegetarian Week on the horizon (16-22 May 2022), what better time to explore some of the benefits of cutting-out or reducing meat altogether from your meals? A veggie diet can be cost-effective, packed with protein and a super delicious way to help the planet. 

If you’re thinking of reducing your meat intake, Mancunian curry favourites Zouk have got a whole menu of vibrant vegetarian options, packed with exotic spices and decadent dishes.

A veggie favourite, paneer takes centre stage across many of their meat-free meals:

Broccoli Paneer: Soft, succulent squares of Indian cheese and broccoli, cooked in an aromatic sauce of spiced tomato masala.

Palak Paneer: An indulgent, creamy harmony of spinach leaf and fenugreek—this dish is also cooked with paneer and goes incredibly with Zouk’s spicy Gunpowder Chips. 

Scrambled Paneer: Tasty Indian paneer cheese, scrambled with peppers, onions and spices to create a medley of flavour and texture.

Other vegetarian options on the menu feature lentils and pulses, which sing with flavour after hours of simmering in savoury sauces:

Tarka Dall: Protein-packed, here it’s channa and mung lentils which are lovingly cooked in a comforting spicy sauce.

Dall Makhani: Delicious black lentils in a rich, creamy sauce—perfect for mopping up with garlic and coriander naan.

If it’s vegetables with zest and finesse you’re after, look no further than Zouk’s vegan offering:

Vegetable Tikka: Tasty char-grilled mixed vegetables, served with rice and a succulent sauce.

Palak Aloo: Spinach leaf and fragrant fenugreek, cooked with new potatoes & coriander.

And if you’re looking to bolster your mains, there’s an exciting assortment of vegetarian small plates and sides, such as; Zouk’s diced mango salad, served with onions, peppers and pomegranate; bite-sized crispy okra chips in a tangy batter; traditional Pakistani chaat, with a delicious fresh samosa, tamarind sauce and raita; and spicy mashed potatoes, cooked inside a butter tawa chapatti with pickle or raita.

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Rebekah Spratt
Published on:
Wed 4 May 2022