Running from Wed 6-Sun 10 Mar, the arresting and profoundly insightful theatre production Dark Noon explores the dark heart of America’s origins with an unmissable run of performances at Aviva Studios.

Billed as ‘a brutal reimagining of the history of America’, Dark Noon offers a stark, unapologetic interrogation of a romanticised frontier from the marginalised perspectives of Native Americans, Chinese immigrants and African slaves, as a prodigiously talented South African cast perform a timely open-heart surgery on the myth-laden Wild West.

A story told by the vanquished rather than the victor, this captivating theatrical study of America’s birth lays bare the callous savagery at the core of a nation built on flimsy narratives of optimism and enterprise, where the relentless pursuit of land and gold caused countless casualties and a collective trauma that continues to resonate among oppressed groups today.

Arriving in Manchester before a month-long sting in New York, the break-out hit of last year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival promises ‘a must-see piece of explosive theatre’ which explores the unimaginable human cost of colonialism, and challenges the uplifting but ultimately hollow conception of the American Dream.

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A Manchester Wire Partnership post
Wed 6 Mar - Sun 10 Mar, 3pm, 7.30pm, Aviva Studios,
South Warehouse, Aviva Studios, Water Street, Manchester, M3 4JQ
, £10-£24
Wolf McFarlane
Published on:
Tue 20 Feb 2024