Watching a film of extreme sportsman Jeb Corliss attempting to base-jump through a tiny crevice in Heaven’s Gate (pictured) is almost as terrifying as doing it yourself. Which is good news for sofa thrill seekers as a touring version of the Banff Mountain Film Festival, featuring films like this and many more, comes to Stockport Plaza this weekend.  Two screening sessions include Into the Mind about the psychology of extreme sports, a portrait of Bruce Kirby who crossed the Atlantic on a stand-up paddleboard and – of course – Heaven’s Gate, mentioned above. Check out the trailer for a taste of what to expect. Tickets for many of the screenings on this UK tour have sold out, so we’d recommend booking now.

Sat 15 Feb, Stockport Plaza, Mersey Square, Stockport, SK1 1SP. Tel: 0161 477 7779, 2.30pm/7.30pm, £12/£19

Sat 15 Feb
Ruth Allan
Published on:
Fri 14 Feb 2014