Pssst… the folks at Imperial War Museum North have a mission for your kids this Easter, if they choose to accept it. On Friday 17 and Saturday 18 April 2020, they’ll be inviting your little ones to enrol in spy school with Spies And Disguise, an exciting new event that celebrates the release of the new Puffin Book, Find The Spy. During this free, drop-in event, kids will be encouraged to take part in a crash course in sleuthing, inspired by real life spies. There will be opportunities to dress up to look the part, learn secret coding skills and discover how to send secure messages. A variety of historical objects will be available to inspect and explore, providing some educational context – and the venue will even have a few double agents dotted around the Museum that your mini Mission: Impossible heroes can interact with throughout the day. To round out this afternoon of fun, there will also be a physical assault course and reconnaissance mission courtesy of Commando Joes. Reckon your soon-to-be-spies have what it takes? If so, don’t miss this exciting Easter event.

Illustrations copyright © Shelly Laslo 2020
A Manchester Wire Partnership post
Fri 17 Apr - Sat 18 Apr, 11am - 4pm, Imperial War Museum North,
Trafford Wharf Road, Trafford Park, Stretford, Manchester, M17 1TZ
, Tel: 0161 836 4000, Free, drop in, 10am - 5pm
Simon Bland
Published on:
Mon 10 Feb 2020