Described by The Guardian as ‘angry, lovable and tender’, award-winning cult cabaret Fat Blokes returns to HOME next month following a string of sell-out runs. A sort-of dance performance about trying to find your place in a world which says you’re too big to fit, the show promises a ‘fat rebellion’ by five plus-size friends who deliver a performance bristling with defiant, self-celebratory joy.

Co-commissioned by HOME and Southbank Centre, Fat Blokes is the creation of HOME associate artist Scottee, who confronts changing social definitions of fatness and how fat men in particular are restrictively celebrated as funny, never sexy, whether it’s an appraisal of their body or the personality tethered to its visual preconceptions.

A show in which maligned men are unashamedly, unrepentantly visible as themselves and nothing less, Fat Blokes twirls through HOME for one night only with tickets going quickly.

Sat 9 Jul, 7.30pm, HOME MCR,
2 Tony Wilson Pl, Manchester, M15 4FN
, Tel: 0161 200 1500, £10.50-£12.50
Wolf McFarlane
Published on:
Sun 26 Jun 2022