Since it started promoting in 2008, Fat Out Till You Pass Out has always been inextricably linked with Islington Mill. Working in tandem across the years, Fat Out has been able to bring some of the most challenging, engaging and critically acclaimed musicians to the Islington Mill stage with the only consistent thread being the dumbfounding variety of acts playing. A cursory look at their past standalone shows for the venue have included Damo Suzuki, Boris, Secret Chiefs 3, Charles Hayward, Black Breath, Arabrot, Oneohtrix Point Never, Ruins, The Bug and Richard Skelton to highlight a mere few. It’s an insatiable appetite for discovering and promoting new and experimental sounds that has always characterised Fat Out’s aesthetic – and it’s a passion they’ve turned into ambition with now three editions of the annual Fat Out Festival under their belt, funded by the Arts Council and hosted by the Mill, which has seen Lydia Lunch, Jarboe, Cut Hands and Melt Banana headline suitably eclectic weekend bills of riotous noise. Their free-spirited and inclusive approach to every show has always resonated perfectly with the ethos of Islington Mill, a sentiment clearly shared by the arts space owners who have now given Fat Out its biggest challenge yet; the keys to and exclusive booking for the nationally renowned venue space. Taking over the entire running and programming of live events for the next two years, Fat Out has birthed Burrow, a new residency that aims to continue their founding traditions and expand upon them through a regular series of live events, workshops, club nights, exhibitions and beyond. If this isn’t enough to whet the appetite, the booking schedule for June alone surely will:

Tue 16 Jun, James Blackshaw, Tekla, Nick Jonah Davis, 7.30pm, £6,

Wed 17 Jun, Dan Deacon (co-promotion with Now Wave), 8pm, £10,

Thu 18 Jun, Sly and the Family Drone, Walter Gross, Tenshun, Tombed Visions Quartet, 7.30pm, £6,

Fri 19 Jun, Cut Hands, Source Direct, Drunk In Hell, Run Dust, 8pm, £12,

Sat 20 Jun, Schmerzlabor, Manoli Moriaty + Frances-Kay, Water, Dwellings (co-promotion with Gesamtkunstwerk), 10pm, £7,

Sun 21 Jun, MUTO presents NAPPES~SONORES, 5pm, FREE

Thu 25 Jun, Ortho Slice + Friends, Hannah Marshall/Seth Cooke/Sam Andreae/David Birchall, Anton Hunter Solo, Mio Ebisu exhibition (co-promotion with Freedom Principle), 8pm, £5 OTD

Fri 26 Jun, House of John Player, Kepla (Deep Hedonia), Rosen, Mother, 7.30pm, £5 OTD

Tue 16 Jun - Fri 26 Jun
Joshua Gordon
Published on:
Thu 18 Jun 2015