After a hugely successful first event last year, the National Festival of LGBT History will return in late February. The Manchester celebration is taking place, appropriately enough, at the People’s History Museum. The day’s special guest will be the radio DJ and singer-songwriter Tom Robinson, famous for the hit song Glad to be Gay. Other guest speakers include female-to-male trans pioneer Michael Dillon, and storyteller Jane Traies, who researches the life stories of older gay women. There will be a performance of the brand new play Mister Stokes, which tells the story of a person who was found dead a Manchester canal in 1859. When the body was examined it was found that Stokes was biologically female, despite living as a man and marrying twice. Another play, Happily Ever After, is a wry take on traditional fairy tales. Young women come from all over the land to try and catch the eye of a prince, but none impress him until one arrives with her handsome brother.

Sat 27 Feb, The People’s History Museum, Left Bank, Manchester, M3 3ER. Tel: 0161 832 3588, 10am – 6pm, £5 (suggested donation),

Sat 27 Feb
A. James Simpkin
Published on:
Thu 25 Feb 2016