Are you a fan of Sam Rockwell? Do you enjoy the exquisiteness of early 20th century architecture? Look no further, because Manchester’s Godlee Observatory is hosting a very special screening of Duncan Jones’ science fiction tale, Moon. Located atop the Sackville Building within the city centre, this uniquely intimate venue is offering a one-time only screening of the director’s debut feature film, which finds Rockwell’s leading man Sam Bell, nearing the end of his lonesome three-year mining job on the dark side of the moon. Free tours of the observatory tower are being offered to ticket holders between 6pm and 7pm, which will be immediately followed by the screening itself.

Tue 28 Oct, Godlee Observatory, Sackville Street Building, University of Manchester, Manchester, M1 3BU, 7pm, £5,

Tue 28 Oct
Daniel Seddon
Published on:
Mon 20 Oct 2014