In a time where anyone can stick a photo through an Instagram filter and proclaim themselves ‘a photographer’, the architectural and natural worlds seem to have recently re-established a vintage vibe that transports them back to the 1960s – the decade that fuelled the first movement into consumer society. This weekend marks the opening of Fiona Curran’s own take on the effects that new technologies and the present day have had on our surrounding environment. Merging both real and imagined landscapes, this exhibition consists of materialistic representations of scenic views, combining colourful prints, collages and tapestry to create an alternative and fabric stance on modern society and the world surrounding it. An abstract and contemporary exhibition, it makes for reflective viewing against the white backdrop of the Touchstones Gallery walls. Curran started her career in Manchester and has studied embroidery, fine art and philosophy. She is currently a PhD student at the Slade in London. Exhibitions include Tatton Biennial 2010.

Sat 15 Dec – Sat 9 Mar 2013, Touchstones Gallery, The Esplanade, Rochdale, OL16 1AQ, Tel: 01706 924492, Tues – Sat 10am-5pm, FREE,

Sat 15 Dec - Sat 9 Mar
Hannah Phillips
Published on:
Wed 26 Dec 2012