Barbecue in the UK usually means undercooked sausages, a swift trip to A & E, and more than likely a spot of rain. In the US it means smoked meats, slathered in beautifully spiced and aged sauces and a good measure of bourbon to top it off. We may have sold the American version a little more there, but to learn how to do it like our transaltantic brothers and sisters do, Fire and Salt BBQ Co. are offering you the chance to get your hands dirty with a crash course in the smoky art of barbecue. The course sets about teaching you how to make competition-style chopped barbecue pork, as well as covering the history of the methods, running a ‘smoker’ – the delicate balance of woods, smoke and heat control – and the varying types of rubs, marinades and sauces. A secret location will only be divulged once you book tickets (surely a ruse to get the curios to buy) for this event, which could change the way you look at smoked meats. With the promise of barbecue pork, black treacle beans and deep fried okra for each participant, either way, you’ll end up with a great feed.

Sat 27 Jul, Secret Location (address sent upon booking), 10am – 1pm, £27.50,

Sat 27 Jul
John Stansfield
Published on:
Sun 21 Jul 2013